Visa Services

Xternal Co offers a wide range of visa services in Philippines to foreign nationals ;

  • Tourist Extension of Visa
  • Alien Employment Permit (AEP) and 9(g) Pre-Arranged Employment Visa – Foreign nationals who are proceeding to Philippines to engage in any lawful occupation, whether for wages or salary or other forms of compensation.
  • Special Working permit-This is issued to those whose engagement or employment in the Philippines is less than 6 months, thus it is recommended since the process is faster and does not require Alien Employment Permit approval
  • Provisional Work Permit: This temporary working permit is suggested if the expatriate intend to work on before the working visa is granted and is valid for 3 months.
  • Special Non-Immigrant 47(a)(2) Visa:  This special non-immigrant visa are issued to foreign national employees of PEZA or BOI accredited corporations in the Philippines. this includes exemption of ACR-ICard.
  • 9(d) Treaty Trader’s Visa
  • 13(a) Immigrant Visa or Marriage Visa:  Once a Non-Restricted Alien marries Filipina / Filipino, he /she may avail this immigrant visa in accordance with Sec. 13, Par. A. of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, probationary 13(a) visa is issued to the alien and valid for 1 year.he may enjoy this visa for as long as the marriage still exist.
  • Temporary Resident Visa: Restricted alien married to Filipina is not without an option to remain in the Philippines. This visa is not permanent and has to be renewed.Chinese nationals from China, their marriage to Filipina entitles them to secure Permanent Resident Visa.
  • Special Visa for Employment Generation (S.V.E.G): This is created to generate employment in the Philippines. Foreign national owning business must employ a minimum of 10 Filipino employees.This visa may be renewed for as long as possible if business still exist.
  • Retirement Visa: For foreign nationals who wished to retire in the Philippines. Philippines has a suitable and comfortable atmosphere and weather conditions,
    foreign nationals can get a retirement visa for as low as (usd) $10,000.00 deposit,Enabling foreign national to start living in the Philippines as retiree.
  • Dual Citizenship Recognition: Filipinos whose either parents or both are citizen of the Philippines at the time of their birth in any country must undergo mandatory Recognition. Filipino Descents citizen are forbidden to secure any other visa whilst in Philippines. Therefore should be recognized as Filipino Citizen if they wish to study or to work in the Philippines

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